When shit got real with Ten, it got really, really real.

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Q Whouffaldi is canon! Jenna was at a convention the other day, and said she was glad that fans noticed that she was staring at The Doctor when she said 'I love you'. Which means it was definitely deliberate. (Anonymous)


Really?! Thank you! That made my day or actually my shipper life! Yes, I think it is now canon! I read a lof of comments from Moffat and he told us, that the Doctor loves her. I am just afraid that one day when Jenna leaves (and the day will come) it will end in a dramatic way.

You know what would be nice? Not this “Rose Tyler I…” thing or the “Donna I wipe your mind” thing.

No! For Clara and 12 I want this:


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Just have faith in me…this one last time. But…I’ve waited too long, I need to be with you now. Blair trust me. Letting me go is the right thing to do. No, don’t get on the plane…

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when is a monster not a monster?

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